Fotori - ARKIT Virtual Model for Vtubing

fofamit フォファミット 포파밋
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A vtuber model compatible with most of the common vtubing applications such as VSeeFace. This model is best use with Apple ARKIT facial tracking, and can be used with Android facial tracking with varying results (See Below). This model does have basic webcam tracking which will only move the mouth based on your microphone. This model is considered SFW (Safe for Work) and does not have nipples or genitals. This model comes with various body and facial morph shapekeys to better help customize the model. Changing the facial morphs can impact the facial tracking quality. This model is ARKIT compatible and comes set up for using all 52 shapekeys to use with iPhone ARKIT. You can use this model with an Android phone using MeowFace, please note using Android facial tracking will not provide the best tracking results. (Notes about Facial tracking: Everyone's face is slightly different, and can create some differences in facial tracking)

(This is not meant for VRChat and should not be uploaded to VRChat)

Apple Devices with ARKIT compatibility:

MeowFace for Android:

(Will not provide Apple ARKIT quality tracking but better than nothing)

How to link iPhone to VSeeFace:


  • VRM File of the model
  • VRM File of the base model
  • Base Body for adding your own clothing
  • 4 Different Hair styles
  • PSD / PNG files
  • VRM Bone Map file for Unreal Engine
  • Remap Asset for Unreal Engine for Facial Tracking
  • Unity Vtuber example project with VMCP
  • Unreal Engine example project with VMCP


  • iPhone with iFacialMocap or Waidayo / Android with MeowFace
  • (There is basic webcam tracking as well) - A vtubing application such as VSeeFace
  • VRM Compatible VTubing application


  • (To edit) Unity with UniVRM
  • (To edit) Blender with VRM Loader

Terms of Use:

There are no limitations of use for R18/Adult content, and the seller cannot be held responsible for any actions by the end user as a result of their own actions. It is forbidden to use this model "fotori" and variations of the "fotori" model to discriminate, participate in hate speech, used for political or religious reasons.

The creator of this model (fofamit) is not responsible for any problems (financial, mechanical) by downloading and using this model. Please use this model at your own risk.

The terms of this model are subject to change, and by purchasing this model you agree to the current and future terms of this agreement.

Do not delete any credit notes in the model as it will violate the terms of use.

If you wish the modify the model you should have sufficient knowledge of Blender and/or Unity. The creator does not guarantee and is not responsible for the functionality of the model after modifications are made.

Commercial use:

  • This package and model redistribution is prohibited. Meaning you are not allowed to sell or give this model to other people modified or in the original state (This includes any part of this model). This also includes uploading it to sites or services for sharing.
  • This model cannot be used for corporate commercial use.
  • This model cannot be used in a videogames, or included as part of a package.
  • You can use this model for "vtubing" commercially. Meaning you can use this model for Live Streaming or Video creation on sites such as YouTube or Twitch.
  • This model uses a modified and edited version of this shirt asset
  • This ARKIT Vtubing model & base model

  • This ARKIT Vtubing model & base model


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Fotori - ARKIT Virtual Model for Vtubing

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